MaidaVale & The Black Wizards

MaidaVale & The Black Wizards

MaidaVale & The Black Wizards - Biglietti

Sala: Pianta non numerata
17 maggio 2018 21:00

MaidaVale (Psych Rock 70's - Sweden) The Black Wizards (Fuzz Rock 70's - Portugal)

MaidaVale is the grooviest star rising in the skies of heavy psychedelia. The four-­piece unit with influences that ranges over decades has created a sound based on the late 60’s rock scene. They released their debut album "Tales of The Wicked West" in August 2016. It was successfully received and brought them to 12 countries during 2017, building their reputation as a stirring, charismatic live band. With a personal and reinventive take on psychedelic rock and a furious groove, MaidaVale enchant every audience that comes in their way! A new album is planned for March 2018.
Drinking from the same fountains as many of the contemporary bands around, The Black Wizards present songs that give a new twist on previously heard sounds and stamp their own personality on these long tunes that pass by seamlessly. The acid fumes, bluesy, funky rhythms and occult vibes that flow from their first record "What The Fuzz!" (released this year) hit even harder when the band steps on stage. Clearly, there’s some ancient (from the 70s, most likely!) black wizardry at work here!

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